Mihai Maresescu

Mihai Maresescu’s career began as a legal advisor and after a short period of time he became a financial expert in the largest bank of Romania. His extraordinary analytical abilities helped him obtain outstanding results by adopting a proactive approach to any type of situation confronted.

As a consultant at Qualians, Mihai’s experience offers him great ease when it comes to assessing the clients’ needs. Therefore his everyday mission is to assert the progress in both professional and personal life of everyone who is a Qualians client.

At Qualians he delivered more than 100 seminars on Time Manager, Project Management, Assertive Communication, Employeeship, Putting People First, Business Presentations and Emotional Intelligence in different companies like: Accenture, Telekom, Turck, DHL, EON, Moor House Logistics, Nestle, ORTEC, Schaeffler.

With a bachelors degree both in Economics and Law, Mihai pursued his studies in Risk Management and obtained a Master degree in this field. Besides his great passion for music, Mihai’s interest lies in time management techniques. This helps him maintain a balance between his professional and personal life.