Dragos Saioc

Dragos Saioc is the founder and General Manager of Ecoxtrem, the teambuilding division of Qualians.

He has a 17 year experience in the work field, is a certified NLP practitioner, trainer and national tourism guide.

Since 2007 in the team building field, Dragos has interacted and assisted large names from the IT, Pharma, banking and technology sectors with premium products developed internally. Various projects for middle and top managers have given Dragos a broad and clear perspective on the key areas of teamwork which need improving.

As such, one of his main work satisfactions is the continuous impact that Ecoxtrem has on the way a team thinks and acts. Dragos is proud to say that he and his team are already accustomed to generating “Aha” moments for the teams they meet.

When it comes to understanding and fulfilling the customer’s objectives, Dragos admits that each new project poses interesting challenges because teams are different in size, profile, development stages or  relationships structures. Dragos’s team embraces each new challenge because Ecoxtrem understands that adaptability is a must when you set out to offer added value.

Finally, Ecoxtrem’s entrance in the Qualians group has turned into an opportunity for each client to receive the most out of a team event, through well thought teambuilding and training mixes that are called experiential trainings.