Costin Ciora

Costin Ciora is a trainer and consultant with more than 10 years experience. His experience also includes being a university assistant professor in financial analysis and business strategy at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. He has a PhD in Economics – Business Strategy and Financial Analysis.
He conducted scientific research activities, as well as being guest lecturer and researcher at top business universities in Europe, including Vienna University of Economics and Business, Dauphine University and Alicante University. The work in academia provided him experience in the field of research, delivery and content creation.
He’s the author of the book “12 ingredients for productivity. Better results and more free time” as well as the author or co-author of other books in financial analysis and business strategy.
His area of expertise covers:  business strategy, productivity, financial analysis, active learning, time management and his training methods include case studies and gamification.
His passions include reading, writing and running and his family is the starting point or his “Why”.