Bogdan Grosu

With a university degree in industrial engineering and over 14 years of experience in training, Bogdan has contributed, through the solutions that he has offered, to the success of the companies that are paying attention to healthy organizational culture as a foundation for improved business results. Also, Bogdan is a very suited trainer and coach, based on his experience and style of delivery, for developing interpersonal relations programs, Employeeship®, and coaching/facilitation based consultancy solutions.

Since 2005, as a part of our team, Bogdan has held key roles in the development and implementation of training and consultancy programs for various companies in different fields, from banking to IT services, and from automotive to pharma. He designed integrated programs, consultancy and training, for bridging the gap from the clients’ actual state to the desired future state, skills, knowledge and attitudewise.

He delivered training sessions in over 100 companies, developing programs for: Accenture, Oracle, Banca Transilvania, Deutsche Bank, Metro Systems, HP, Pfizer, Autoliv, IPSO, Renault, Mega Image, Steinel.

His trademark is entertraining as he strongly belives that in a humorous, relaxed atmosphere, learning sticks and solutions come up more easily.