Alexandru Ionescu

Alexandru Ionescu’s experience is in the aria of satisfaction of the customer expectations and training of the sales force. He has a wide experience in corporate business for more than 11 years. As part of his daily activities, he has trained thousands of people from different levels of the organization obtaining exceptional results.

At Qualians he delivers programs in line with his core beliefs for helping people, such as Communication Skills, Employeeship, Putting People First, A Complaint is a Gift and Train the Trainers.

His experience in management of a team, customer support and training needs assessment gives him the possibility to come up with practical solutions. Also, he has been responsible for implementing and overseeing programs that increase efficiency for organizations, strengthening employee knowledge and improving leadership.

One2One on the field coaching sessions is also part of his activities. By developing in coaching with NLP methodology his goal is to support people to extend to their maximum performance with their own tools and resources.

Alexandru has a degree in Political Communication and he has been, through NGOs, active in the social and political involvement of the citizens in Romania and abroad in Eastern Europe.

He is seen as enthusiastic and full of energy by keeping the participants active and interested. In his free time he has a passion for marathon running completing over 1.000 km in one year.