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Prosci - Change Management Certification Program

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado – USA, Prosci is the world leader in research and publications in Change Management.

As you may easily guess,  “Prosci” represents the fusion of the words “professional” and “science” in Change Management.

Prosci contributed greatly to the establishment of Change Management as a profession and field of study.

Building change capability means effective change becomes common practice for your organization. Leaders, managers and employees understand and effectively demonstrate their role in change. Projects have effective change management applied every time. People embrace, adopt and actively drive change.

One of the most significant contributions of Prosci is demonstrating the link between an effective Change Management and the return on investment (ROI) of change projects. This innovative research repositioned the area as “soft” for a key player in the reduction of risks and the obtaining of benefits.


Airbus 320 Flight Simulator

During this unique experience of flying a modern commercial airplane, participants tap into the skills, discipline and complexity of an industry that does all these things on a daily basis and to a very high standard.

The simulator replicates the environment of a real Airbus 320 cockpit and creates the physical sensations felt in the real airplane.

It is a professional flight simulator with 6 degrees of freedom, one of the most advanced in the world, the result of 60 years of experience and training expertise.

Participants will learn: how to evaluate a situation and make quick decisions under pressure; how to manage available resources; how to maintain maximum control in a critical situation; how to understand and follow the standard procedures; They can then apply the learning back in their own business operations.


Ecoxtrem Team Building

For eleven years, Ecoxtrem Teambuilding has been developing activities for all types of groups and has created over 140 distinct concepts to assist your team in improving soft skills for effectively implementing change.



Professional development should be the focus for you if you want to make it a priority to assess and improve your skills set, increase your value in the organization or community and enhance your future career prospects.

In TMI when we talk about professional development we talk about many types of facilitated learning methods and opportunities, such as formal coursework, conferences, on the job training and other ways of informal learning. The approach is intensive and collaborative, building on each other’s experience and expertise.

There are a variety of approaches to professional development, including coaching, training, mentoring, reflection exercises, etc.


TTI Success Insights

A leader’s involvement in the organization is critical to achieving high results and keep team members motivated and determined to perform. Successful on boarding and engaging development plans lead to:

  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Better job performance
  • Greater organizational commitment
  • Reduction in stress

What better way to prepare a new leader (and the new leader’s team) than to engage in

  • Behavioral (DISC) analysis to understand the whole person
  • Motivational assessments



Qualians Conferences


Learn directly from the main source of knowledge in an area. Interact with senior managers from across sectors. Meet in Bucharest some of the world’s most renowned and accomplished business personalities. So far Qualians Conferences has brought you Philip Kotler in 2005 and Jack Welch in 2008.