Solutions for
Professional Development

Innovative and effective programs for a wide range of development needs, responding in a tailored way to real business needs.


Professional development should be the focus for you if you want to make it a priority to assess and improve your skills set, increase your value in the organization or community and enhance your future career prospects.

In TMI when we talk about professional development we talk about many types of facilitated learning methods and opportunities, such as formal coursework, conferences, on the job training and other ways of informal learning. The approach is intensive and collaborative, building on each other’s experience and expertise.

There are a variety of approaches to professional development, including coaching, training, mentoring, reflection exercises, etc.



Change is and always has been an inevitable part of life.

In today’s business, however its speed and intensity have increased significantly. More than ever, an organization’s success depends on the ability of people to learn and adapt to new challenges.

Successful business executives at all levels need to know how to take better decisions, develop and influence others, understand financial reports, communicate with impact, and create aligned teams.


Sales Activator

Our comprehensive and flexible coaching solutions empower teams to drive a permanent uplift in sales. All elements of The Sales Activator work as stand-alone coaching aids but are most powerful when combined to create a holistic coaching system.

Proven to boost sales revenues by at least 15%, our approach maximises return on investment (ROI) and sets your team up for long-term success. The Sales Activator motivates individuals to become ‘hooked’ on self-development and focuses on knowledge retention and the reinforcement of best practice to drive a sustained uplift in capabilities.


Open Courses

Provide specific and valuable learning to your people so they can perform on a higher level. Qualians open sessions address key business skills in a multicompany environment, so your people gain even more perspectives and angles on the subjects discussed.

Qualians open programs have run uninterruptedly since the autumn of 2002 and have provided thousands of people with spot on knowledge, skills or attitudes upgrades.