The Sales Activator Solutions

Our comprehensive and flexible coaching solutions empower teams to drive a permanent uplift in sales. All elements of The Sales Activator work as stand-alone coaching aids but are most powerful when combined to create a holistic coaching system.

Proven to boost sales revenues by at least 15%, our approach maximises return on investment (ROI) and sets your team up for long-term success. The Sales Activator motivates individuals to become ‘hooked’ on self-development and focuses on knowledge retention and the reinforcement of best practice to drive a sustained uplift in capabilities.

Sales Academy

A Sales Academy is a holistic approach to the training and development of Sales teams with the aim of raising the standards of performance through:

  • Clarification of what good looks like: Benchmarking individual performance and knowledge through sales competency frameworks.
  • Creating training that focuses on the needs of the individual rather than one size fits all.
  • Creating training that engages the staff and encourages high levels of participation and buy in.
  • Ensuring training engages users through knowledge sharing, and competitive elements such as leader boards and Gamification tactics that enhance development.
  • Gathering feedback at logical, just in time intervals to ensure the integrated programme is ‘owned’ by the sales organisation.
  • Measuring results through Return on Investment (ROI).



The Sales Activator toolkit and digital learning suite provides key elements of the Sales Academy aims, whether you have an existing Sales Academy, or have existing training in place and are building a Sales Academy approach.

  • ISMM endorsed sales competency framework. Proven best practice knowledge, skills behaviours and practices.
  • Customisable content to reflect your organisations culture, language, processes and systems.
  • Cost effective blended learning approach, targeting specific individual needs and learning styles.
  • Technology platforms to provide benchmarking questionnaires, coaching plans, e-learning and VCT and to provide reporting and analytics.
  • Sales Activator continuous learning development cycle
    • Benchmark– Evaluate performance and identify gaps using the Toolkit, Online Sales Coaching Aid (OSCA), Online Health Check, e-learning and Virtual Classroom Training (VCT)
    • Coach– Bridge skills gaps using content-rich coaching cards, with activities carried out through self-learning, manager coaching (1-2-1) or in enhanced team meetings from the toolkit game play and detailed PDP’s established from the benchmarking exercise.
    • Observe – Assess the impact and effectiveness of coaching in the field, during calls and/or in meetings. Utilising OSCA observation questionnaires to evidence implementation of learning during shadowing activities and analyse remaining development requirements.
    • Sustain – Use the Toolkit, OSCA and e-learning/VCT to track improvements, monitor and report on all aspects of ROI. Revisit the coaching sessions and bite sized e-learning sessions regularly to re-test and re-enforce learning, and embed this into everyday habits.
  • Sales Activator Training – ISMM endorsed training workshops and qualifications provide the foundation training in high impact workshop environments  where there is a lack of pre-existing knowledge on best practices due to lack of tenure and experience.

Training Programmes

The Sales Activator is the partner of choice for organisations which implement and deliver an academy approach. We are accredited to deliver industry professional standards. We also have the desire to bring these corporate level solutions to any organisation that values the development of their sales and Service professionals and who are committed to driving best practice peak performance through their teams, which is why we have developed accessible solutions for all Sales and Service businesses.

Training aims

Increase sales efficiency, nurture an outstanding team and grow your revenue by developing the long term capabilities of your Sales and Service Managers. With enhanced skills, your Managers provide immediate leverage due to the multiplier effect created by their powerful influence and effective coaching.

Training interventions should be cost effective and have high impact. Workshop based training is vital for learning new theory and knowledge and practicing these in a safe environment, but is not vital in order to test retention of that information or to train process and compliance. This is where e-learning and Virtual Classroom Training can be used to ensure that when sales staff are off the road, they practice and discuss new skills.

A typical development journey would ensure that sales people and their managers share the same knowledge, approach and language in terms of the consultative sale acknowledged best practice and how to apply this to build a consistent, robust and efficient sales process. Managers and Trainers then have the need to monitor drive and support the sales people through on going monitoring, shadowing, coaching and reporting. To further maximise ROI and sustain that knowledge and approach there should be self learning modules and questionnaires so that individuals can continue to revisit the theory which will maintain peak performance.

To gain the optimum outcomes we would recommend the following development journey:

  • Goal Mapping –To set everyone up for success, goal orientated, aligned and bought into the goals and aims of the organisation. Goal Mapping is the master skill for achievement in all areas of life, and is undoubtedly the most powerful empowerment programme available.
  • Consultative selling and or sales through service training for Sales Managers, Trainers and Sales people.
  • The Sales Activator 2 dayprogramme for Sales Managers and Trainers for on going reinforcement and enhancement of best practice skills.
  • The Sales Activator Toolkit for game play to continuously benchmark and coach skills at a team and individual level on a regular basis, supported by OSCA our on line coaching and monitoring tool to enhance the sales call/meeting shadowing activities, build individual and team coaching plans and report upwards on the performance improvement at an individual, team, region and country level to establish the effectiveness of the coaching and training and related ROI. This is for use by Sales Managers and Trainers.
  • The e-learning modules for individuals to self learn and refresh skills, knowledge and behaviours and to assess and close on-going development areas, with reporting to identify activities and pass rates by individual. This can also be delivered via your LMS or our Virtual Classroom Training platform.