Qualians Consultants

Andreea Udrea Radulescu

Graduated in Public Administration and holding a Master degree in Professional Working Relationships and Human Resources,  Andreea has 12 years experience in human resources. She joined Qualians team as a Consultant in March 2014. She says that her job – selling trainings and consultancy projects – resembles with selling a cake: “you tasted it, you […]

Emotional Intelligence Negotiations

Ciprian Teleman

Ciprian Teleman’s career began in the academic field as a scientific researcher. For almost eight years his career evolved from research assistant to senior scientific researcher. He conducted scientific research programs aiming at physical-mathematical modeling of processes using information and analytical means. This work brought him a rich experience on the laws that govern the dynamics of systems, whether physical, social or organizational.

Costin Ciora

Costin Ciora

Costin Ciora is a trainer and consultant with more than 10 years experience. His experience also includes being a university assistant professor in financial analysis and business strategy at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. He has a PhD in Economics – Business Strategy and Financial Analysis.
He conducted scientific research activities, as well as being guest lecturer and researcher at top business universities in Europe, including Vienna University of Economics and Business, Dauphine University and Alicante University. The work in academia provided him experience in the field of research, delivery and content creation.
He’s the author of the book “12 ingredients for productivity. Better results and more free time” as well as the author or co-author of other books in financial analysis and business strategy.
His area of expertise covers:  business strategy, productivity, financial analysis, active learning, time management and his training methods include case studies and gamification.
His passions include reading, writing and running and his family is the starting point or his “Why”.

Practical Leadership Communication Skills

Cristian Vladoiu

Cristian Vladoiu has more than 15 years of experience in the business environment, in various fields: FMCG, telecom and financial, banking.


Dragos Calin

Dragos Calin’s career is closely linked to the development of Maersk Line in Romania, company for which he works since 2005. His academic background include a Navigation and Maritime Transport Degree and Erisma Creative Leadership Program. In his professional activity, Dragos has been involved in recruitment activities, followed by different management positions within the company, setting different milestones for the developing of the organization’s operations, in line with global and area initiatives and guidelines to ensure world class operational services.


Dragos Saioc

Dragos Saioc is the founder and General Manager of Ecoxtrem, the teambuilding division of Qualians.

He has a 17 year experience in the work field, is a certified NLP practitioner, trainer and national tourism guide.
Since 2007 in the team building field, Dragos has interacted and assisted large names from the IT, Pharma, banking and technology sectors with premium products developed internally. Various projects for middle and top managers have given Dragos a broad and clear perspective on the key areas of teamwork which need improving.

George Avram

George Avram

George Avram este Managing Partner al companiei de consultanță EVOACT. El are o experiență de peste 20 de ani in domeniul trainingului și al consultanței, fiind implicat în numeroase proiecte de training şi consultanţă pentru foarte multe companii şi organizaţii multinaţionale şi româneşti.

Absolvent al Universităţii Babeş-Bolyai din Cluj-Napoca, Facultatea de Psihologie, el este specializat in psihologie organizațională și deține numeroase certificări internaționale în acest domeniu.


Iulian Batrinu-Dragoteanu

Iulian is senior trainer and consultant with direct business experience of more than 20 years in corporate environments, at both national and international level.

Throughout his career, Iulian played both the role of an internal Training & Development professional (as National T&D Manager within JTI during 2001 – 2014), and the role of an external consultant for multinational companies. The diversity of his professional exposure allowed him to build a large business perspective, as well as a versatile professional background. Starting with February 2014, Iulian has joined Qualians team.


Mihai Maresescu

Mihai Maresescu’s career began as a legal advisor and after a short period of time he became a financial expert in the largest bank of Romania. His extraordinary analytical abilities helped him obtain outstanding results by adopting a proactive approach to any type of situation confronted.

As a consultant at Qualians, Mihai’s experience offers him great ease when it comes to assessing the clients’ needs. Therefore his everyday mission is to assert the progress in both professional and personal life of everyone who is a Qualians client. At Qualians he runs Time Management, Project Management, Assertive Communication, Employeeship and Emotional Intelligence programs.

Change Management Time Mangement Practical Leadership

Octavian Pantis

Octavian Pantis is a successful entrepreneur, speaker and best-selling author.

In 1999 he set up the Romanian office of TMI (www.tmiworld.com), an international training consultancy established in 1975 in Denmark, with offices in 45 countries worldwide. TMI Romania was twice awarded the “Training Company of the Year” title, for 2007 at the Inaugural Gala, and again for the year 2010.

In 2004 he co-founded Qualians (www.qualians.com), today one of the main learning & development companies in the region, representing world-class know-how partners.