Cand ai cumparat si cand ai vandut ceva cel mai recent? Acum 5 – 10 min, in urma cu cateva ore sau ieri?

Oricare dintre variante o vei alege, adevarul este unul si acelasi: traim intr-o epoca a consumului in care cumparam si vindem tot timpul. Absolut tot timpul. In esenta, nu cumparam sau vindem doar produse si servicii, ci idei, ganduri, emotii. Totul in viata noastra este un astfel de schimb pentru care folosim deseori banii.


Articles & Tips – Can You Measure Your Evolution As a Leader?

What are you most proud of in your evolution as a leader?

These types of question can help you measure your evolution as a leader. As human beings we are all a work in progress. We aspire to be as effective and to make a positive impact on those we lead and work with. Yet we may get sidetracked by tasks, projects and speedy demands.


What Makes Customers Come Back from the Dead? Great Service Recovery Doesn’t Hurt!

Have you ever seen the chart explaining why people leave businesses? One reason that has always left my head ringing and audiences chuckling is that “customers die.”

Of course, they don’t come back after they’re dead! For that reason being dead is so obvious that it’s probably not worth mentioning. However, when you look at some of the reasons why people return to a place of business, they are equally dismal.


Employeeship – a New Way of Thinking

There is a heavy burden on the shoulders of leaders and managers. It is commonly believed that this group of people is responsible for almost everything –financial performance, people management, morale, customer satisfaction, systems management, and the list goes on. Organisational performance – from success to failure - is attributed to good or poor management. In response, there is a thriving leadership development industry comprising thousands of books, countless seminars and training programs and scores of gurus that focus on helping people to become better leaders and managers.


“Can-Do” Rules for Happy Customers

I was at Changi Airport, Singapore waiting in line to buy a flight ticket back to KL. In front of me was a man from the Middle East with his wife and family of 4 children. He asked for 6 Business Class seats to KL. Six Business Class seats! That’s music to any airline’s ears! Here was a customer who clearly had the money to spend with the airline.
It went downhill from there.

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