Transformational Leadership

Ensuring hands on experiences in Romania’s picturesque areas and combining them with unique traditional activities, group sessions and facilitation creates a memorable setting for managers to introspect, processes the knowledge acquired and find the necessary inner resources for inspiring change in others.

The Apuseni Mountains, an off-road tour of the fortified churches, hiking in the breath-taking Maramures or adventurous experiences in the Fagaras Mountains are just a few examples of custom made trekking programs designed for middle to top management groups looking for a new perspective or networking.

Employee Engagement

Providing groups that share common work objectives and relations with trekking tours in less known parts of Romania or abroad is a mean of strengthening bonds, promoting overall relaxation and motivating them to become engaged advocates for the brand they collaborate for.

When changing scenery, spending time with your team and experiencing out of the ordinary challenges in the great outdoors, Ecoxtrem Trekking will facilitate activities that focus on your team’s commitment and long term productivity at the workplace. You can chose custom made tours in places like the Cerna Valley, the Danube Gorges, the Huniades’s Castles, caving, rafting or canyoning trips and many more.