Transformational Leadership

When creating a controlled environment that emulates, at a small scale, the climate, challenges and processes found in an organization, a teambuilding activity allows for observing formal and informal leaders in action. Faced with new and stimulating situations, these leaders identify the need for change and take initiative in implementing it or inspiring others to do so because team activities are inherently based on common efforts and goal assumption.

For nine years, Ecoxtrem Teambuilding has been developing activities for all types of groups and has created over 50 distinct concepts to assist your team in improving soft skills for effectively implementing change.


Employee Engagement

Creating an informal and friendly setting for small and homogenous to large and diverse groups is the basis for promoting employee engagement. Ecoxtrem Teambuilding weighs the needs and particularities of your team in order to recommend tailored activities.

Yearly, in around 100 events, we provide groups the appropriate challenges, as well as hints, to find the correct mechanisms in overcoming them with the purpose to energize and motivate their team.

Teambuilding is a punctual activity, as well as an investment designed to promote teamwork and encourage a group to take a positive result obtained today and transform it into motivation and enthusiasm towards the company tomorrow.



Indoor or outdoor, on the spot or spread over a few days, based on creativity, adventure, competitivity, mind boggling challenges or experiential learning, all Ecoxtrem Teambuilding activities are based on years of experience and research and have been designed to provide the friendly and open environment to strengthen work relations, ease communication and motivate teams to overcome situational changes.

Ecoxtrem consultants take into account a set of factors such as: the stage of development of the team, demographic profile, particularities of the work environment based on industry, common issues and work closely with HR managers to fulfill the identified team objectives.