Ecoxtrem Events assists the HR managers with on the spot socializing opportunities tailored to achieve the above and much more. You can have such an event all around the year, even with a limited budget. The effects of any social gathering among colleagues are reflected in future results.

Our event planning expertise includes:

-event concept creation

-venue proposal

-technical services


-decoration and entertainment

Employee engagement

Creating commitment and a sense of belonging to a group is the basis for your team’s motivation and long term productivity. In order to achieve this, Ecoxtrem Events provides alternate types of activities that have the potential of becoming a tradition: Company Day, a CSR event, a party, a picnic or family-at-the-office day. By involving employees in such activities, you develop an organizational culture they can easily understand and internalize.

In the years of creating and delivering concepts aligned with the company’s human resources strategy, Ecoxtrem has been a reliable partner in fulfilling the growing need companies have for creating collective work-related memories.